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I have written three retirement lifestyle books. I have also written dozens of articles on this topic on my website, Retire Fabulously!

The Quest for Retirement Utopia will suggest new possibilities for where and how you might retire. It will help you evaluate each place realistically and dissuade you from making a poor choice. And it will provide you with the resources you need to properly evaluate the places you are thinking about retiring so that you can make the most informed choice. The Quest for Retirement Utopia will help you find the retirement spot that’s right for you!

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Smooth Sailing into Retirement will guide you from your last few months of work through your first year of retirement. It identifies the many ways your life will change and prepares you for the emotions you may experience along the way. At each step, you will receive strategies for dealing with these changes.

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Design Your Dream Retirement will show you how to visualize your retirement in an optimistic, possibility-filled light, and provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you create a plan for achieving your retirement dreams. This book will help you envision, plan for, and ultimately enjoy the best retirement possible.

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About Dave

Thanks for visiting my web site and for clicking here to learn a little more about me.

If I must attach labels to who I am and what I do, then (in no particular order) I am a writer/author/blogger and public speaker (which is the main focus of this web site) and a jazz musician. I created a website called Retire Fabulously!, and I have published three books about retirement lifestyle planning (which, of course, you should buy).

As for demographics, I’m a 63-year-old gay man living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.  I’m married to a wonderful man named Jeff and we have one dog named Maynard (named after the legendary jazz trumpet player, Maynard Ferguson).

At the end of 2013, I made a big transition in my life.  I ended my 34-year career in the software engineering and semiconductor manufacturing industries by taking an early retirement package.  I had intended to work until I was 60, but this package was too good to turn down.  So just shy of my 57th birthday, I eagerly embarked upon this new phase of my life.

The word “retirement” carries a lot of assumptions and baggage with it for many people, so I prefer to refer to this new phase of my life as my “renaissance.”  It is truly a time when I can rebrand myself, undertake new endeavors that I feel passionate about, and live life (mostly) on my terms.  (Well, that and those of my husband.)

One important element of my renaissance is that I plan to write more.  To date, most of my writing has been centered around my Retire Fabulously! website.  But I intend to write on other topics as well, and those writings will appear here.  This web site will also be used to chronicle the more public-facing happenings in my life, to the extent that I think anyone might be interested.  I envision this content to be something meatier and more permanent than a Facebook post, but not as self-facing as a diary or journal.  We’ll see how it goes.

Retire Fabulously!


One of my projects is the Retire Fabulously! web site.  On this site I share ideas, possibilities, wisdom and knowledge based upon my research, observations, and personal experiences.  I have written numerous articles, and I offer a fun and engaging workshop called (not surprisingly) “Retire Fabulously!”

My goal is to help you envision, plan for, and ultimate achieve the best retirement possible.

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