September 16, 2014

Presenting For Excellence


The “Presenting for Excellence” web site and the workshop by the same name will show you how to prepare and deliver a presentation that people will pay attention to, remember, and act upon.

The ability to create a memorable, compelling message and present it effectively and professionally is a differentiating skill in today’s business environment. You may have lots of knowledge, experience, and expertise, but in order to be able to make a difference, you need to be able to communicate it effectively to others. Your reputation and credibility depend upon it!

Together, we can raise the standards for delivering presentations. I envision a world free from slides crowded with bullet points, complicated graphs, and eye-chart tables; a world in which meetings are productive, people are focused, and presentations are excellent. Join me, and say good-bye to “Death by PowerPoint!”

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Check out the Workshop tab, and learn more about what the Presenting for Excellence workshop can do for you and your organization.

I’m also available for consulting.  If you’ve got a big presentation coming up, I can help you design the presentation for maximum effectiveness and coach you to deliver it professionally.

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