2015 is Going to be a Great Year of Focus, Discipline and Accomplishment

Wow, we’re already three weeks into 2015.  I had hoped that this post would follow my last post by only a couple days, but of course so many other things got in the way.  This, however, illustrates what I am going to focus most on changing in 2015.

Before we go any farther, I will warn you that this post is all about me, and things that are specific to my life.  If you’re not interested, fine.  Most of my future posts will not be so self-focused.  But I’m sharing this today for two reasons.  First, if I write down my goals and desired changes for 2015 and put them out for the universe to see, perhaps I’ll be more diligent about achieving them.  Second, it may set an example for you.  Maybe you will benefit from writing down a similar list of goals for 2015, even if you don’t share them publicly.

Last year was my first year in retirement.  To decompress from 34 years of work, I wanted to not set an alarm clock, get up when I felt like it, and do whatever I felt like doing each day.  I had plenty of activities and commitments taking up spots on my calendar, but aside from those, my time would be mine!  After all, isn’t that what retirement is supposed to be like?

For many people, perhaps it is, but not so much for me.  I had some commitments carrying over from 2013 and plenty of things I wanted to do.  Looking back, I did get some things done and, overall, I had a good year.  But as I look back at 2014 and forward to 2015, I realize that I need to introduce more structure and discipline into my life in order to accomplish more of the things I want to get done.

I also realize that I spend way too much time on email, solitaire games, Facebook, and net surfing in general.  There’s an endless stream of frivolous information on the internet that can suck you in for hours at a time.  I need to recognize the cost of doing small things.

I also spent a lot of time attending webinars and taking courses on how to build businesses online and write and promote books.  It’s time to switch from learning mode to doing mode.   2015 will bring less getting ready and more doing.

To this end, I have resolved to make these changes in my day-to-day life:

  • Minimize time on Facebook and playing solitaire.
  • More carefully evaluate the activities I undertake.
  • Become more disciplined and do the following things regularly:
    • Write every day
    • Exercise 4 times a week (3 times to the gym, 1 bike ride, hike, or long walk)
    • Practice 3 times a week
    • Clear my desk every week
    • Read every day
    • Meditate every day
  • List at least 20 CDs, videos, and/or books for sale on Amazon every week

I have also set these goals for what I want to accomplish in 2015:

  • Complete migration from CD jukebox to music computerI have owned a 400-CD carousel jukebox for about ten years.  I’ve really enjoyed it and used it a lot.  However, over the past year, either it has been manipulated by spirits (which in this household isn’t out of the question) or it’s just wearing out.  But in either case, sometimes while it is playing a disc, it will just stop and open the door.  That becomes annoying very quickly.

    Jeff bought and set up a PC with a lot of hard drive memory, a large touch-screen monitor, and jukebox software called Album Player.  I have been intending, for at least a year, to convert my music to that system and get rid of the 400-CD changer.  This year, I will.

  • Sell margarita machineSeveral years ago, I made one of the more foolish purchases of recent years – a large, commercial-grade, free-standing frozen ice cream/drink machine.  My original plan was to use it for frozen daiquiris or margaritas for pool parties.  It has sat in the garage taking up space all that time.  I will sell it on Craigslist.
  • Build shedOver a year ago, we bought an aluminum shed for our side yard.  We have yet to assemble it.  Now, while the weather is cool enough to spend a day outside, we will build it.
  • Go through all closets, garage, and attic and eliminate what I no longer wantI’m a terrible pack rat, and I admit it.  But our closets, garage, and attic are full of stuff we (until now) have not been able to bring ourselves to discard.  After all, we may need it some day!  A lot of it is still in the same boxes from when we moved into this house in 2006 – nine years ago.  I still own clothing I had when I moved from Virginia to Arizona in 1995 (a lot!).

    While we are still 5-10 years away from downsizing to a smaller house, I want to start the process of getting rid of this stuff now.  Besides, I’ve read numerous articles in which people claim that they actually feel more liberated and can focus more on what matters to them once they get rid of stuff they no longer use.   I like the phrase, “you don’t own stuff, it owns you.”

  • Clear out email and old filesAs of this moment, I have 4064 unread emails.  I have tens of thousands of read emails.  Enough said.

    I have thousands of files on my computer, too, many of which I no longer need.  I’m surprised that they only total 4KB.  (That’s just documents.  That doesn’t count music, pictures, and video.)

  • Retire Fabulously!
    • Publish at least one book
    • Reach 1000 subscribers
    • Have six guest posts published (other than lgbtSr.org)
    • Create super resource list (new bribe)
    • Start interviewing people
  • Ceremonies by Dave
    • Officiate 100 weddings

That’s an ambitious list, to be sure. Better to shoot high and achieve some of what I set out to do than to aim lower and accomplish less.


©2015 Dave Hughes.  All rights reserved.

Photo credit:  Mark Hunter.  Some rights reserved.

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